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Ethical & Responsible Photography Workshops - South Africa 

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Deep within the heart of the Timbavati region in South Africa, the critically endangered White Lions have finally returned to the heartlands following a period of extinction in the wild due to decades of trophy hunting and forced removals to zoos and circuses around the globe.


The King and Queen of the sacred White Lion heartlands rule their kingdom once again thanks to the dedication and safe guidance of the Global White Lion Protection Trust and its founder, author and conservationist, Linda Tucker.

The journey to freedom for the sacred “Royal pride” is testimony to the tireless efforts of Linda and her dedicated conservation team at The Global White Lion Protection Trust.


To witness these majestic big cats within their natural endemic range, living and roaming freely in safety, is a rare and privileged experience.

The Tsau conservancy is not accessible to the general public, to ensure minimal human impact on the prides, environment and eco-system, but does allow a small number of trusted and pre-approved tours to offer guest access to the conservancy. 

Built on a long-standing relationship of mutual love, trust and respect, K1 Photography and the Global White Lion Protection Trust offer a unique opportunity to witness conservation history as it unfolds.


These exclusive 6-day ethical and responsible wildlife photography field trips to the Tsau Conservancy, kindly hosted by the GWLPT and lead by KJ Dudley of K1 Photography, have been meticulously designed to offer guests a unique and remarkable photographic experience in support of the vital conservation efforts of the GWLPT.

Daily photographic sessions are aimed at embracing the knowledge and principles of ethical wildlife photography techniques and putting them into action, bringing exciting challenges and experiences along the way.

With over 25 years’ experience in wildlife photography and works published globally, KJ will host daily photographic sessions in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, sharing the knowledge and techniques designed to bring ethical principles into action.
Each day will close with an opportunity to share your highlights and photographic experiences of the day under the African stars.

Rich in its breath-taking diversity of wildlife and flora, the Greater Timbavati region holds a wealth of photographic opportunities.



Professional Wildlife Photographer and Ethical & Responsible Photography Workshop Host – Karen-Jane Dudley

















                         Linda Tucker – CEO /Founder GWLPT (Left), Karen-Jane Dudley (Right)



A Life-Long Dedication


Professional Wildlife photographer, Karen–Jane Dudley, took the decisive step to progress her long-time interest in wildlife photography into a full-time career in 1996.

With a passion for the natural world and deep love for Africa that can be clearly be seen in her work, global demand for her images has increased over time, with works published throughout Europe, South Africa, USA, Australia and Asia.

For Karen-Jane, one particular endangered big cat had long been a source of mystery and intrigue.


An introduction to two very special White Lion cubs launched her on a new path, both professionally and personally in 2003.


Soon after this introduction, Karen-Jane made the decisive move to dedicate her life and professional career to assist in the preservation of one of the world’s most critically endangered big cats: the sacred White Lions of the Timbavati region in South Africa.

In 2004, Karen-Jane launched the “Ghost of Africa” Campaign to help raise awareness of the urgent plight of the critically endangered White Lions.

Following the success of the campaign, Karen-Jane was personally invited to visit the Global White Lion Protection Trust’s (GWLPT) scientific reintroduction programme in South Africa, by its founder, internationally renowned Author and Conservationist Linda Tucker, where Karen-Jane was gifted a rare opportunity to photograph the sacred White Lions within their natural distribution range.

In August 2008, The GWLPT awarded Karen-Jane the prestigious White Lion R.O.A.R Award (Recognition of Animal Rights) for her ethical and sensitive approach to the photographing of large predators - both in captivity and in their natural environment.

Having witnessed first-hand the magnificent White Lion ambassador pride take their first steps to freedom in the world-first successful reintroduction programme within the White Lions’ natural endemic range, Karen Jane has been honoured with the recognition of being listed as official photographer for the Global White Lion Protection Trust. Karen-Jane had the privilege of capturing the first official signature portraits of the project’s first generation of wild-born White Lion cubs, born in 2008 on the soil of their ancestors, within their natural endemic range of the White Lion heartlands.

For more information on this exclusive, unique and life-changing opportunity to join Karen-Jane at the Tsau Conservancy in support of conservation in action at the Global White Lion Protection Trust, please use the form below.


























Early booking is advised as each trip will only accommodate a limited number of guests to ensure minimal impact on nature, and demand for spots is high. Available spaces will operate on a “first come, first served” basis.


An alternative date will be offered if no spaces are available on your requested date.

Please use the link below  for a further insight into this life-changing ethical and responsible wildlife photography visit to the White Lion heartlands in support of  the Global White Lion Protection Trust.







                                                    A very warm welcome will await ... 



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