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Ethical & Responsible Photography Tours


Full time professional photographer and founder of K1 Photography: Karen -Jane Dudley



Just how important is ethical photography ? Why is implementing ethical photography techniques and principles is so vital ? These are questions that are often asked ...

In an era of instant digital photography, our ability to record the intimate details of the daily lives of wildlife has grown both in popularity and demand ... a perfect window into the world of nature; but just how far do we go before our actions become intrusive ?

Witnessing endless vehicles squeezing in for the best position for the briefest of glimpses of a magical natural moment is always tinged with sadness.

Why opt for just a fleeting glimpse ... is it simply to be able to say, “Just because I could” ? Or should it be to preserve that close connection with nature that enables the opportunity to record a beautiful vision with the animals permission ?


Invasive impact can be measured by animal behaviour ... flight-mode, moving away, nervousness, agitated, defensive behaviour ... these are scenarios that are potentially created by our actions.

To record that intimate close-up image will require a combination of patience, calmness and most importantly.... respect. Three ethical photography principles that, if applied correctly, can create that heart-stopping moment when you and nature truly connect. 




Throughout the year, K1 photography hosts a number of ethical photography workshops internationally, offering guests an opportunity to learn ethical photography techniques and principles in support of ethical wildlife conservation in action.


With new destinations and working collaborations to be added and updated regularly.

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