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Spirit of the White Lion

" So powerful is the light of unity, it can illuminate the whole earth " ...

The White Lion is a genetic rarity of the recognisable tawny African lion (Panthera leo) occurring naturally in only one endemic distribution range on earth - the Timbavati region in South Africa.

White Lions are not albinos, but a rare phenotype /regional polymorphism of Panthera leo, which is a unique contribution to the biodiversity of a specific natural distribution range in South Africa

Sadly, White Lions are currently not classified as a sub-species, although morphologically unique and geographically limited in its distribution range...

A question that is often asked is, why did Karen-Jane  choose to dedicate her full support to one particular conservation organisation ? The answer is simple:


“Conservation should not be just about large, glossy websites, advertising campaigns or large-scale social media presence proclaiming to be saviours of the planet, only to find that "commercialism" is valued higher than its mission.


“Conservation is about preservation and protection.


“For me personally, just over 17 years ago, one particular organisation changed everything: The Global White Lion Protection Trust.

An organisation with commitment, transparency and importantly, respect for nature at its heart.

An organisation not fronted by an army of executives, but rather by individuals who strongly uphold the ethical principles of conservation in action.

"Lions, land, people" denotes this is not single-dimensional organisation but an inspirational multi-faceted community based conservation project, combining indigenous knowledge with modern scientific methods.

“To have been gifted the honour of being listed as official photographer for the Global White Lion Protection Trust, together with the privilege of witnessing a part of the journey to freedom for the sacred prides at the project, has been a truly humbling experience and one filled with the utmost pride.”


The short heart-warming video below clearly demonstrates the ethics, love and pride that makes this organisation just so special...

A number of Limited Edition prints are available to purchase from K1 Photography in support of the Global White Lion Protection Trust.



Ingwavuma Rising-

Global White Lion Protection Trust 

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