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UK Photography workshops

Half day - Introduction to bird photography for beginners.
Isle of Wight
£75.00 per person

Haven falconry 2-K1 photography 2022
Barn owl 2 - Haven Falconry - K1 photography 2022
Black kite 2 - Haven falconry -K1 Photography 2022

Join  award winning wildlife photographer KJ Dudley of K1 Photography in association with Haven Falconry, Isle of Wight , for an exciting half day photography workshop for beginners, with an introduction into the art of bird photography, new for 2022

This half day photography workshop hosted by KJ Dudley begins at 9am and finishes at around 2pm.

Set in a beautiful woodland setting, the first section of this half day workshop will focus on those all important camera settings and exploring the art of composition.

The workshop will then move onto an opportunity to produce static, portrait shots of stunning birds of prey from Haven falconry in a natural setting. The knowledgable staff from Haven Faloconry will be on hand throughout to answer any questions you may have about birds of prey and caring for these most beautiful birds .














As the day progresses , the workshop will  eventually move onto the art of birds in flight images,with a range of birds of prey,where photographers will have an opportunity to learn the art of photography birds in flight in the woodland setting and finally rounding off the half day with another opportunity to put your newly learned photography skills to the test with front row seats at Haven falconry 's spectacular bird of prey daily flying display. 













The welfare of the birds is paramount at all times, therefore group sizes will be kept to a maximum of 10 photographers per workshop.
The specific species of bird that will be photographed at each workshop may vary, and will be determined by conditions, the individual birds and falconer available. The birds are just like us and may have an off day now and again so we cannot guarantee a specific bird will be joining us.


There will also be plenty of opportunities to learn about these magnificent birds of prey throughout the workshop through their expert falconers. 

A great deal of care has been taken to ensure the birds and the environment you will be photographing in looks as natural as possible. Early booking is advisable to avoid disappointment. New dates being added very soon




Please use the " Buy Now " button below to book a space for a workshop 







Confirmation of booking will be sent via email on completion of payment.

PLEASE NOTE : In the event of cancellation due to inclement weather, an alternative date will be offered.


















What will I need on the day ?


The following list below is a guideline to help you get the best from the day. If you have any additional questions or require advice prior to booking , please use the contact button to contact K1 Photography

  • Digital SLR, Compact System Camera or Bridge camera, Fully charged camera batteries , media cards for your camera.

  • A lens that will enable you to zoom  in order not to crowd the birds during static portrait session will be required.  A suggested minimum focal length of 200mm is ideal.

  • Tripods are NOT ideal when working in a group and can be restrictive especially when tracking a bird in flight . However, a monopod can be used for stability for static portraits if you have a heavy or long lens.

  • A photography beanbag can prove handy for low level shots but is not an essential item

  • Please dress accordingly to weather conditions on the day, the first half of the workshop will be undertaken in a shaded woodland area with the flying display in an open area.

  • One the completion of the workshop, you will be welcome to visit Haven falconry bird centre

  • Cost includes entry to Haven falconry.

Barn owl - Haven Falconry - K1 photography 2022
Harris hawk - Haven flaconry - K1 Photography 2022
Black kite 3 - Haven falconry - K1 Photography 2022
Haven falconry 1 - K1 Photography 2022
 2 _ K J Dudley _ Flight path _ Wight Vision Camera Club .jpg
Barn owl 3 - Haven falconry - k1 Photography 2022
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