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Exclusive K1 Photography merchandise .

                                                BRAND NEW ITEM - Exclusive to K1 Photography

A new range of bespoke,washable and reusable, soft fabric facemasks ,featuring photography and original artworks from K1 photography.


Each mask has a carbon filter insert pocket and is supplied with adjustable over the ear elastic loops and two PM2.5 carbon filter inserts.


Mask dimensions 7.25 Inches ( including elastic ) Fabric width 6 inches - Height 5.10 inches 


Carbon filters should be changed and carefully disposed of and facemask washed after each use.


Replacement packs of PM2.5 filters to fit the facemasks are readily available to purchase online.


Please note: White seam stitching is not visble on the supplied item 

Tiger facemask

Tiger face mask - Product 3.jpg
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Three kings facemask

Three kings face mask complete.jpg
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Elephant facemask

elephant facemask artwork-product .jpg
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